Wood.Mate: Your Best Mate Made of Wood


The elegant Wood.Mate designer wallet is the perfect alternative to the conventional leather wallet. This super lightweight wallet with its slim line, practical design will fit comfortably into any trouser pocket and also functions as a credit card holder with space for four cards and banknotes of all sizes. The high quality of the wood and the outstanding craftsmanship makes each wallet unique: your stylish, personalised accessory for every day.

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How does it work?How does it work?

Wood.Mate in action

Simple and comfortable to use whilst also looking good?


Modern design, unique in style and functionalityModern Design

Wood.Mate - hip wallet with character


Small but perfectly formed

Business cards, ID cards and banknotes are held securely in place with a rubber band. Thanks to its two different sized compartments it’s all easily accessible.

With a height of 92 mm , a width of 65 mm and thickness of just 9 mm the Wood.Mate wallet is smaller than your mobile phone and holds cards and banknotes together protecting them from wear and tear. The designer Wood.Mate wallet is made from the following types of wood: cherry, walnut, olive, zebrano, wenge, bocote, marsh oak, amaranth, ziricote, black ebony, ebony (macassar) and padauk. A hip wallet with character. With ideal proportions for storing your hotel key card in style, hotels with key card systems can add a touch of class with a Wood.Mate cardholder featuring the hotel’s logo to demonstrate their attentiveness to every little detail!

360 degree

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Customised Design

We can customise your Wood.Mate wallet with your name, company logo or your own design with a durable and abrasion-resistant laser engraving.
We can create personalised wallets with laser engraving in cherry, walnut, olive, zebrano, padauk and amaranth wood.

  • Cherry Wood Wallet Wood.Mate
    Cherry wood wallet

    29,00 - 34,00

  • Walnut wood wallet Wood.Mate
    Walnut wood wallet

    34,00 - 39,00

  • Padauk wood wallet
    Padauk wood wallet

    40,00 - 45,00

  • Wenge wood wallet
    Wenge wood wallet


  • Zebrano wood wallet
    Zebrano wood wallet

    45,00 - 50,00

  • Olive wood wallet
    Olive wood wallet

    50,00 - 55,00

  • Bocote wood wallet
    Bocote wood wallet


  • Amaranth wood wallet
    Amaranth wood wallet

    60,00 - 65,00

  • Ziricote wood wallet
    Ziricote wood wallet


  • Macassar ebony wood wallet
    Macassar ebony wood wallet


  • Black ebony wood wallet
    Black Ebony wood wallet


Walnut: Elegant, unique and customisable

  • Walnut: Elegant, unique and customisable wood wallet

High-grade walnut wood has been well-known in Asia for many centuries. In Europe, this quality wood has been highly treasured since Ancient Roman times. It has a light-coloured sapwood and a darker, grey-brown heartwood often featuring decorative dark streaks running through its core.

Your walnut wood wallet can also be customised with your personal design or logo, your name or other lettering to make it particularly eye-catching. Only a wallet from Wood.Mate could be this elegant, unique and practical!

Your Customised Cherry Wood Wallet

  • Your Customised Cherry Wood designer wallet

Cherry wood belongs to the precious hardwood family and is characterised by a rich reddish brown colour and a warm lustre.

Hand-engraving lends an individual touch to your designer wallet. Personalised logos and lettering make these wallets an original gift idea for any occasion. A customised present for your loved one or an out-of-the-ordinary promotional or client gift for your business. Ideal for Valentine’s Day, a special birthday or at Christmas.


  • Product: Wood Wallet - Padauk

Padauk wood grows in Central America and West Africa and is often called coral wood due to its particular colour tones that range from orange to light red. Thanks to its spectacularly bright colour this wood is extremely popular for making wallets as well as other luxury items.

Olive wood

  • Product: Wood Wallet - Olive wood

This well loved wood, characteristic of the Mediterranean area has spectacular veins and versatile shades. Its golden-yellow colour with dark streaks in different shades of light brown create an elegant and inviting appearance.

Zebrano or Zebra wood

  • Product: Wood Wallet - zebrano

Zebrano or Zebra wood has particular streaks that make it very popular for making luxury items. This dark brown wood from Central America is filled with imposing dark brown veins that give the wallet a truly unique appearance.

Amaranth - Purple Heart

  • Product: Wood Wallet - Amaranth

Given the particular nature of this wood our wallets made of amaranth are sometimes monochromatic and other times full of light brown veins.

Wallets made of amaranth wood can be personalised with a particular phrase or your logo.


  • Product: Wood Wallet Wenge

Wenge wood from Central Africa is particularly striking with its striped dark appearance and its unmistakeable two-tone structure that ranges from brown beige to black.

Given the very dark and powerful colour of the wood a personalised message or logo would only be minimally visible.


  • Product: Wood Wallet - Bocote

Bocote is a hard wood from Central and South America with a surprisingly dark colour. The grain is quite dramatic given its base colour that ranges from golden-yellow to light brown and is full of dark-brown to black grains.

In bocote wood the distance between the ribbed veins can vary greatly.


  • Product: Wood Wallet - Ziricote

The elegant grain and round shape make this noble ziricote wood from Central America very popular. The colours of the wood range from dark brown to shades of black, as well as grey.

Given its imposing woody structure and dark tones this wallet cannot be personalised.

Macassar ebony wood

  • Product: Wood Wallet - Macassar ebony

Macassar ebony is a particularly decorative variant of ebony wood that is very striking given its brown and black striped grains.

Given its imposing woody structure and dark tones this wallet cannot be personalised.

Black Ebony

  • Wood.Mate: Black Ebony

Ebony belongs to the non-European hardwoods and is a precious black wood. The heartwood is very hard and heavy and it is one of the most valuable types of wood to be found. In mythology and sorcery, ebony was often attributed with magical powers!

Given the very dark and powerful colour of the wood a personalised message or logo would only be minimally visible. If you want an engraving we suggest you choose another type of wood.