Simply wood

Wood cries out to be turned. It has intrinsic value and excellent characteristics. We turn wood into a thing of great value, a wallet with innovative design that can be personalised in any way you wish. What will always remain is a piece of design with exceptional functionality!

Designer Wallet - 100% Natural!

As they are made of natural materials all wallets are one of a kind. For this reason all articles supplied can vary in terms of grain and structure compared to those visible in the images.

Wood.Mate types of wood

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood belongs to the precious hardwood family and is characterised by a rich reddish brown colour and a warm lustre. Cherry trees originate from Europe, Asia Minor and Iraq. This hardwood is elastic and has a good resistance to swelling.


Walnut Wood

High-grade walnut wood has been well-known in Asia for many centuries. In Europe, this quality wood has been highly treasured since Ancient Roman times. It has a light-coloured sapwood and a darker, grey-brown heartwood often featuring decorative dark streaks running through its core.


Olive wood

This well loved wood, characteristic of the Mediterranean area has spectacular veins and versatile shades. Its golden-yellow colour with dark streaks in different shades of light brown create an elegant and inviting appearance.



Padauk wood grows in Central America and West Africa and is often called coral wood due to its particular colour tones that range from orange to light red. Thanks to its spectacularly bright colour this wood is extremely popular for making wallets as well as other luxury items.


Amaranth - Purple Heart

This purple wood from Central and South America is very popular due to its exclusive colour that ranges from purple-red to violet. This is the reason this decorative wood is used extensively not only for stylish wallets but also for jewellery, high level shipbuilding and for other luxury items.

Given the particular nature of this wood our wallets made of amaranth are sometimes monochromatic and other times full of light brown veins.


Zebrano - Zebra wood

Zebrano or Zebra wood has particular streaks that make it very popular for making luxury items. This dark brown wood from Central America is filled with imposing dark brown veins that give the wallet a truly unique appearance.

Thanks to the multiple dark colour variations every wallet has an extremely exclusive appearance.



Wenge wood from Central Africa is particularly striking with its striped dark appearance and its unmistakeable two-tone structure that ranges from brown beige to black.



Bocote is a hard wood from Central and South America with a surprisingly dark colour. The grain is quite dramatic given its base colour that ranges from golden-yellow to light brown and is full of dark-brown to black grains.



The elegant grain and round shape make this noble ziricote wood from Central America very popular. The colours of the wood range from dark brown to shades of black, as well as grey.


Macassar ebony wood

Macassar ebony is a particularly decorative variant of ebony wood that is very striking given its brown and black striped grains.

Given its imposing woody structure and dark tones this wallet cannot be personalised.


Black Ebony

Ebony belongs to the non-European hardwoods and is a precious black wood. The heartwood is very hard and heavy and it is one of the most valuable types of wood to be found. In mythology and sorcery, ebony was often attributed with magical powers!