Gift ideas made out of wood

Square. Practical. Good? No... cool! And we’ve been so original up to now! But just this once we had to borrow this well-known advertising slogan and tinker with it just a little.

Finally a wooden gift idea which is a little different and very practical. Whether it is for sporting occasions, big celebrations, business events or in the hospitality sector… show a touch of class! Be something different, surprise and impress your friends, your partner or your guests!

Different ways to use itDifferent ways to use it

  • Sport and leisure Small, compact and yet you can have everything you need within easy reach, and well-organised too. It will fit into any rucksack, and into any jacket or trouser pocket. Always handy, always secure and never gets in the way!

  • Business and enterprise Elegant and unusual. Even in your tux you will find that your Wood.Mate cuts quite a dash and impresses everyone with its simplicity!

  • Lederhosen here we come! Yes, we do often frequent the Oktoberfest and yes, we too struggle to know where to put our cash and cards. But since we’ve had Wood.Mate wallets made of wood, the problem is solved. Fits into every Lederhose and keeps your money safe and close to hand.

  • Hoteliers and hospitality Want to impress your guests and show them the attention to detail that you show to the smallest details in your hotel? Then a Wood.Mate as cardholder for each of your hotel key cards is the perfect solution. With your hotel logo it would make the perfect farewell gift for your guests: a great way to ensure that the memory of your hotel doesn’t fade!