Step by step, by your side!

"Small but WOW! That is the typical statement of anyone who has seen or used me. Smoothly and simply I look after your money and keep it safe in a compact space. I fit in any trouser pocket and in every jacket, I protect your credit and debit cards from becoming bent or misshapen and I even look good while I do it! At the slightest opportunity I make a lasting impression and I’m especially proud when personalised with your logo or your name.

Why don’t you too become part of the Wood.Mate community?“

Your Wood.Mate Wallet

How to use my Wood.Mate?

  • Step 1: Your Wood.Mate waits for action
    Finally, you are keeping it in your hands. What now? Your Wood.Mate waits for action
  • Step 2: Fill your Wood.Mate!
    It can hold up to 4 Credit- and EC-cards
    as well as bank notes of all sizes. Fill your Wood.Mate!
  • Step 3: Just put it in your pocket!
    Thanks to its size, your Wood.Mate fits in any trouser and jacket.
    Here we go! Fill your Wood.Mate